Summer Meals for Children

The Summer Meals for Children program is a modification of the Summer Lunches program.

Due to COVID-19, here are the modifications:

  1. Meals must be picked up at our location on the days reserved.
  2. Meals can not be consumed onsite. Children must eat them elsewhere and we aren’t allowed to provide enrichment activities.
  3. Although recommended, it is NOT mandatory that the children pick up their meal. Parents may pick up meals for their children, reasonable requests are allowed.
  4. The age group is still 18 and under.
  5. Westminster is now an open site. All children may receive meals here.
  6. Due to expected high demand, we recommend using the online reservation form. It will be available here this week, so check back often. Until then, it’s First Come, First Served. If you request meals and don’t pick them up, you could be removed from the system, but still may request meals in person.
  7. The meal days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm. The meal times are strict, so please be here early.