Boards, Commissions, and Committees


Session is the main governing body of the church, made up of the church Elders.


The Board of Deacons is called to a ministry of hospitality and service to the members of Westminster. Each Deacon is assigned a parish, or geographical area in which members of the church reside, and is a resource for church members in that parish. During significant events in a church member’s life, their Deacon can help make arrangements for needs the church member may have (transportation, meals, etc.). The Deacons assist with hosting church receptions for funerals and other events. Deacons also recruit individuals and families to serve as the greeters/coffee servers each Sunday at Westminster. Throughout the year, the Deacons organize a number of large fellowship events, including the All-Church Picnic, the Pork Chop Dinner, and the Easter Breakfast. As you can see, our Deacons are quite active in the life of Westminster Presbyterian Church!

If you have need of a Deacon’s ministry, please contact the church office.

Christian Education

Church Facilities Board

Commission on Diversity and Allyship (CODA)

CODA brings in speakers and organizes education events throughout the year to raise awareness and amplify the voices of groups which are often marginalized. CODA also serves as an advisory body to Session to help ensure church actions and policies are as inclusive as possible.

Electronic Communications


Mission and Community Outreach

Spiritual Life

Stephen Ministries


Worship and Music